Tuinch aims to liberate cashmere’s
contemporary potential by translating
its supreme qualities into effortless chic,
elegant silhouettes.


Often regarded as the prime example of investment garment – never going out of style – cashmere too often ends up in hyper classic or even formal designs.

Tuinch, cashmere, Asia

With her collection, Veronique Vermussche wants get off the beaten path: Tuinch combines rich materials, refined details and timeless cuts with outspoken looks and laid-back luxury.

Local artisans in Kashmir, trained by the local community that passes on its age-old expertise from generation to generation, manufacture the collection.

With new materials and styles Tuinch keeps expanding the collection beyond the pieces in 100% cashmere. All pieces in woven materials such as the cotton blouses, the fur coats and the light-weight cotton skirts are handmade in Belgium, using the finest craftsmanship, characterized by premium quality and finishing. Every season Tuinch introduces a limited edition selection of couture knitwear, also handmade in Belgium.